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Enersol Daya Optima established since 2003 and has focused on energy control business as Indonesian Authorized Representative for ENERCON Engineering / Enercon System International, world class manufacturer of Switchgear & Generator Set Control Panel.

After several years providing solution for reputable companies in Indonesia within many area of business and to strengthen our position as business partner in energy control solution, Enersol been developing market service by becoming a project dealer of global brand for PHILIPS Lighting system

Furthermore, starting since 2010 Enersol also becoming a sole agent for IPU Group which carrying product range for Starting System, Oil and Fuel Conditioning.
Enersol  in  2012  also  been  appointed  by  Schneider Electric as system integrator for product range Busway, Type Tested Panel, Medium Voltage Panel, & Transformer.

In year 2012 onward Enersol also have signed an agreement with PT. Yasa Industri Nusantara (YIN) to build and operate workshop fabrication of Pipe which is located in Gresik. Through mutual cooperation with local region state owned companies, Enersol have a contract to PLN for supply electricity using Gas Generator set which are located at Penajam - East Kalimantan, and Sorong - West Papua.

And we also supported by subsidiary group company namely PT. Tridaya Jasa Sarana who dedicated for providing services for parts supply and maintenance of generator engine sets, pump and heavy equipment.

Emerging with various world class products and services within selective range of market sector Enersol Daya Optima aim to become a successful business partner and provide Energy Control Solutions for our customers.

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In the year 2012, we have signed an agreement with PT. Yasa Industri Nusantara (YIN), a subsidiary company of PT. Rekayasa Industri (Rekind) to build and operate workshop fabrication of Pipe, with total area of 3hectares and production capacity up more than 300,000 dia-‐inch per year, for steel pipes into max 30 inch, located at Gresik, East Java.

Thoroughly our workshop scope covered cutting, welding, powder coating and painting for piping and piping support.
This Agreement is to accommodate all YIN upcoming projects from Rekind related projects and other local YIN projects that needed of pipes material in the future.
Along with the development program we are hoping that our workshop becoming the major player in Indonesia with capabilities to increase the line of fabrication works to support more than just YIN, Rekind projects furthermore also other upcoming Oil & Gas, power plant, and infrastructure projects all over Indonesia.

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